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LVM Management

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LVM Management

hi all,

Can you please advise on how to import or export the active volume group of devices from active to standby server ?

For HPUX, we should be using vgexport at active server , while by using vgimport at standby server

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Re: LVM Management

Are you setting up a cluster (Serviceguard or similar)?

For Linux, vgexport/import is not needed.

1.) Present the LUN(s) to the standby server.
2.) Check that the devices are detected correctly (multipath etc.) on the standby server.
3.) Run "vgscan" on the standby server. You may wish to add one or two -v options for extra verbosity, so you can verify it does the right thing.
4.) You're done.

Like HP-UX, Linux tends to activate all available volume groups automatically at boot. In a cluster, you usually wish to limit that automatic activation - see the installation instructions of your cluster software.

In HP-UX, the device files for the LVs appear when the VG is imported. In Linux (2.6 kernel series = LVM2) this is different: the device files will appear automatically when the VG is activated, and will be auto-removed when deactivating the VG.

Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: LVM Management

You no need to vgexport & vgimport,

Check below Link

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