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Lanscan problem

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Lanscan problem

When I do a lanscan in HP UX 11iv1, it show that lan2 with HWD Status of "UP". When I do an "ifconfig lan2 down" and later a "lanscan", it still show lan2 with HWD Status of "UP". But when I ping lan2, it timeout. So what is the problem with lanscan?
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Re: Lanscan problem


Can you check lanadmin

do lanadmin
then enter ppa
then enter lan number (i.e 2)
If possible seng the output.

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Re: Lanscan problem

The HDW status of "UP", just means that you have a cable connected to the NIC. It's not related to the actual state of the network config.

When a interface is down it shows on netstat -ni with a *


lan13* 1500 none none 0 0 0 0 0
Windows?, no thanks
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Re: Lanscan problem

The lanadmin show a status of :
Administration Status : Up(1)
Operation Status : Up(1)

I had the network cable plug in thus it show an Operation status : Up.

From Sam, it show that the port is "Disable".

So from prgram point of view, I need to know which port is enable or disable so that I can control the trffic thru each port. For HP 10.2, if I do a lanscan, it will show me that the lan is "DOWN" if i do a lanscan. So what is the problem in HP UX11iv1 for lanscan?