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Latest DST for hpux 11.00

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Latest DST for hpux 11.00

Hi Gurus,

Please anyone tell me the Latest DST patch for HPUX 11.00

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Latest DST for hpux 11.00


That is a link to the patch database.

You can search by OS version and criteria.

Due to the fact that HP-UX 11.00 is out of support you may find the most recent DST patch is a little old.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Pete Randall
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Re: Latest DST for hpux 11.00

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Latest DST for hpux 11.00


The 11.0 release has been out-of-support since December 2006. The last official 'tztab' patch for 11.0 is PHCO_36096 released in February 2007.

If that isn't satisfactory, you can download an 11.11 patch like PHCO_39172; extract the 'tzlib' file from it; and manually move it to '/usr/lib/tztab'.

This is a perfectly safe procedure, however, it will prevent automatic installation of any official patch thereafter without intervention. Of course this isn't a problem since no new 11.0 patches are being released.

Using PHCO_36096 from 11.11 you could do:

# sh PHCO_36096.htm

# tar -xvf PHCO_36096.depot

# mv PHCO_PHCO_36096/UX-CORE/usr/newconfig/usr/lib/tztab PHCO_PHCO_36096/UX-CORE/usr/newconfig/usr/lib/tztab.gz

...Note that the 'tztab' needs to be renamed and decompressed, so having renamed it, now do:

# gzip -d PHCO_PHCO_36096/UX-CORE/usr/newconfig/usr/lib/tztab.gz

You should now have a 'tztab' file that you can use on a 10.20 or 11.0 system.



Re: Latest DST for hpux 11.00

If you want the latest tztab(4) patch, take the one from 11.31 PHCO_39174 and force install it.

This (-x allow_incompatible=true) is probably easier than the steps JRF listed.