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Latest RHEL 5.4 Patches Downgrade QLA2XXX Drivers?

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Honored Contributor

Latest RHEL 5.4 Patches Downgrade QLA2XXX Drivers?

A base RHEL 5.4 Installation was patched via RHN Update. All errata, bug fixes and enhancements were applied. After the patch application, our FC-HBAs can't be seen anymore. Our /etc/modprobe.conf has the following:

options qla2xxx ql2xenablemsi=1 ql2xenablezio=1 ql2xintrdelaytimer=1 ql2xmaxqdepth=96 ql2xfailover=0

Only by removing the above and rebooting the system makes the FC-HBAs re-appear again.

A check on the FC-HBA driver showed:

# modinfo qla2xxx|grep -i version
srcversion: 07376E329F57943AB156861

BUT prior to the patching, the version was:

# modinfo qla2xxx|grep -i version
srcversion: AC7B23750E4AA3A4A2E581C

Does this mean the latest patches/lernel updates, etc downgraded the FC-HBA Driver? Note the above pre-patching FC-HBA driver is the driver that came with the base RHEL 5.4 release and not an add on driver.

So is this really the case that the latest RHEL 5.4 kernel/updates/etc indeed downgraded the FC-HBA driver for QLA2XXX HBAs? What about my qla2xxx options?
Hakuna Matata.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Latest RHEL 5.4 Patches Downgrade QLA2XXX Drivers?

If i'm correct, the driver version is newer. vs

Modinfo should give you the valid options. Check dmesg/messages or run modprove -v/insmod -v to diagnose the problem.
Por que hacerlo dificil si es posible hacerlo facil? - Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way?
Honored Contributor

Re: Latest RHEL 5.4 Patches Downgrade QLA2XXX Drivers?


New DRV is: version:
Old DRV is: version:

Are you saying .10 is less than .1 ? and the missin "0" on the new driver is just a typo?

And the kernel module params are now "obsolete"? That there is now no way to control failover, timeouts, and the Queue Depth settings?
Hakuna Matata.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Latest RHEL 5.4 Patches Downgrade QLA2XXX Drivers?


Interestingly enough on HP DL class systems, I did not get full HBA functionality until completing installation of HP's PSP suite.

There may be a way around this and should be, but PSP brings so many benefits, thats how I solved the problem.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation