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Linux System Information

OS is becoming complex day by day , a new colleague at office cannot know setup in a day or 2 , very difficult for us to explain also , is there any way we can find outlike a script  

1. system is with raid or not 

2. it has software raid confgiured 

3. lvms are there 

4.root fs mirrored or not the basic system si cinfigured 

6. we have hardware raid given by vendor , why we need softtware raid ?


so many coming to my mind  , i want to make the environmetn user friendly to my new colleagues how to make them understand ? any detailed suggestions 


Thank you 



Patrick Wallek
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Re: Linux System Information

A good starting point for gathering system configuration information is CFG2HTML.


Have a look at it here:

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Re: Linux System Information

Hi Patrick , Thank you , this looks impressive i will give a try
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Re: Linux System Information



Patrick gave you very good reference.


By the way, cfg2html project is run by ex-HP staff Ralph Roth,

who is a dear colleague of mine. Ralph now works at SUSE in Germany.


Two months ago, I joined GIThub project cfg2html and this morning

I sent Ralph some diffs for updates to the Linux script...


Some other options:


SOS (the "real" command is sosreport, applies to RHEL servers)

HP's tool getsys

and others


I also, personally, use my Perl script that not only collects configuration information,

but also looks at the status of the server, checks basic performance, security,

and best practices:


Several days ago, I added checks for Puppet configuration management as

it is becoming very popular these days (I plan to add similar for Chef and



You always have many choices on Linux :)





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