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Linux on rpXXXX servers

Occasional Advisor

Linux on rpXXXX servers

Hi, any one knows if I can install Linux supported by HP on rp3440, rp7410 , rp5470 servers??

I only found that I can isntall PARISC Linux, but not on the hpsite.


Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on rpXXXX servers

I know of no version of Linux, other than the PARISC Linux, that will run on PA-RISC based servers.

Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on rpXXXX servers

HP officially supports only HP-UX and MPE/iX operating systems on PA-RISC servers.

Linux has been ported to PA-RISC architecture by the community: HP may have donated some documentation and some individual HP employees have contributed to the porting project, but there is nothing like official HP support for Linux on PA-RISC hardware.


Debian 5.0 ("Lenny") was the last Debian release that included the PA-RISC port as an official Debian project release. It was dropped from the current Debian 6.0 ("Squeeze") because it did not seem worth the effort any more. The members of the Debian PA-RISC community are still working towards an independent release of Debian 6.0 for PA-RISC, but progress seems slow.


The "main" PA-RISC Linux website is:

But it seems not to be updated too often, so you may have to read the mailink lists of the community to see what's really going on: