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Re: Log file for any H/W failure

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Log file for any H/W failure

Dear Team,

Let us know OS logfile to be checked for any kind of h/W failure in 11.31 servers.

Earlier in 11iv2 we used to check resmon.log , now which file refers / holds information of the same.

We have a script which runs every 10 min and greps "keywords" from the file to mail us if any untoward incidences if any , like Power failure , FC cable disconnect i.e link down errors.



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Re: Log file for any H/W failure

The diagnostics framework depends on server hardware, for earlier servers it was STM, now it is CPROP.

However, in default config the OS will send an alert mail to root at least and make a syslog entry. But you can configure more ...

Hope this helps!

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