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Logical IP not reachable

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Logical IP not reachable


I am facing a strange problem.

We have a physical ip configured on lan0 ( This IP is rechable remotely from our Desktops through ssh .

Now we have a package IP ( configured on the same subnet and it gets mapped on lan0 when the package is started. But the problem is that we are not able to login to this IP using ssh . There is no login prompt.

We are confused that how this is possible when the network policies are open to this subnet as confirmed by network team.

IS there any other change we need to make from System side?

Here is network setting

lan0:1 1500 53 0 38 0 0

lan0 1500 1221297 0 4130881 0 0
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Re: Logical IP not reachable

sshd never produces an actual login prompt: the username is supposed to be reported by the client within the ssh protocol initialization packets.

Some SSH clients (like PuTTY) will locally produce something that looks like a login prompt if the username has not been specified in the configuration. If PuTTY cannot get that far, that indicates PuTTY could not establish a network connection to the target address. Other SSH clients may work differently.

Please show us the full output of "ifconfig lan0", "ifconfig lan0:1" and "netstat -rnv".

If you run "telnet 22" (=telling telnet to connect to the SSH port) from your desktop, what happens?

What does happen if you run the same command on the HP-UX server? Is the error the same as with the desktop?

If the telnet command says "Connection established", then the network side is definitely OK and the problem is somehow with the ssh client or the sshd process.

Try stopping and restarting sshd, and then test again with telnet. Did it change anything?

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Re: Logical IP not reachable

Hi ,

Please share the outputs of
#netstat -nvr
#netstat -in
#cmviewcl -v