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Login oracle is currently in use

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Burak Topal
Frequent Advisor

Login oracle is currently in use

i can not add home directory for oracle user

when i type
usermod -d /home/oracle oracle

i got the following message:

login oracle is currrently in use

how can i create home directory for oracle user?
Sharma Sanjeev
Respected Contributor

Re: Login oracle is currently in use


Someone has logged in through oracle user ?

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Burak Topal
Frequent Advisor

Re: Login oracle is currently in use

ssniz: # who
root console Jun 17 00:50
root pts/0 Jun 17 22:16
root pts/1 Jun 17 22:54
Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: Login oracle is currently in use

ps -ef | grep oracle

you will see a lot of processes running under oracle user ownership, which makes your task impossible unless you want to shut the db down and do it then.

on the other hand, you can run command


(as root of course) and change the home directory of user oracle (this is a vi session wrapped in sanity checker for /etc/passwd file) and exit.

Keep in mind, what you did will take effect the next time the database gets shut dopwn and restarted, more than likely at the next reboot time. Until then you will have to live with the current home directory. The users logging in as oracle after this point will have their home directory set to /home/oracle though.

Hope this helps
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Peter Nikitka
Honored Contributor

Re: Login oracle is currently in use


you want to modify the HOME of oracle, speaking correctly.
Look for oracle processes:
ps -fuoracle

If these don't matter, call 'vipw' and change manually.

mfG Peter
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