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Long usernames & Trusted mode catch-22

Andrew Bocchicchio
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Long usernames & Trusted mode catch-22

Seem to be caught in a catch-22 situation. I had previously gotten a request to activate the long username feature on one of our HP-UX system (11.31). So I went ahead and activated it with lugname. Afterwards it seemed the long username feature would not work. Discovered this is due to the system being in Trusted mode. So it seemed I had to disable Trusted mode. I went into SAM and tried to use the "Unconvert the System" option in the Audit options. I got a nice warning to check the password and everything checked out but then when I hit the "Yes" button I got a message telling me the unconvert was unsuccessful because long usernames is activated. So now I seem to be stuck with two features that don't work with each other and both seem to not be able to be backed out of.

Is there a way to disable either? I did not try the "tsconvert -r" because from what I read people say the SAM method is safer. I would assume it would fail the same.

Re: Long usernames & Trusted mode catch-22

Did you try removing the file /etc/default/lugname ?

Once the un-convert is done, you can then enable long user names again using lugadmin -e



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