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MC/Serviceguar communication ports and Protocols

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MC/Serviceguar communication ports and Protocols

Hi All

Can any one tell me about MC/Serviceguard communication ports and protocols.

What are the port numbers are needs to be open for serviceguard and which protocol it is using other then TCP/IP.

Thnaks in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: MC/Serviceguar communication ports and Protocols

Looking in /etc/services shows:

hacl-qs 1238/tcp # HA cluster Quorum Server
hacl-qs 1238/udp # HA cluster Quorum Server
hacl-monitor 3542/tcp # HA cluster monitor
hacl-monitor 3542/udp # HA cluster monitor
hacl-hb 5300/tcp # High Availability (HA) Cluster heartbeat
hacl-hb 5300/udp # High Availability (HA) Cluster heartbeat
hacl-gs 5301/tcp # HA Cluster General Services
hacl-gs 5301/udp # HA Cluster General Services
hacl-cfg 5302/tcp # HA Cluster TCP configuration
hacl-cfg 5302/udp # HA Cluster UDP configuration
hacl-probe 5303/tcp # HA Cluster TCP probe
hacl-probe 5303/udp # HA Cluster UDP probe
hacl-local 5304/tcp # HA Cluster Commands
hacl-local 5304/udp # HA Cluster Commands
hacl-test 5305/tcp # HA Cluster Test
hacl-dlm 5408/tcp # HA Cluster distributed lock manager
Jeff Traigle