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MIBS MIBS. Where are the MIBS?

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MIBS MIBS. Where are the MIBS?

Despite my efforts to find the mibs on HP-UX server. I cannot find them. Does anyone know where they are or how to list them?


I have a request from a monitoring group to give them a list of the mibs running on our hp-ux servers.

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Re: MIBS MIBS. Where are the MIBS?

The knowledge of the supported MIB objects is programmed into the HP-UX MIB agent processes, so they won't need the MIB files to run and produce SNMP information in machine-readable form. Only the receiver of the information needs the MIB files to translate the SNMP responses to human-readable form, and to enable understanding of what each object means.


The list of supported MIBs is on the snmpd man page. The man page looks like it has not been updated since HP-UX 11.11: I'd assume that the IPv6 MIBs it lists as "supported only in 11.11 with IPv6 depot installed" are actually supported with later HP-UX releases with built-in IPv6 support too.


In a nutshell, the man page says HP-UX supports:

  • the standard RFC1213 MIB-2, except the EGP group of it (the EGP group deals with an obsolete Internet routing protocol, so it's obviously not useful any more)
  • the proprietary HP-UNIX MIB
  • the standard IPv6 MIBs: RFC2452, RFC2454, RFC2465 and RFC2466.

The HP-UX SNMP agent is extensible: some add-on products may provide support for extra MIBs. For example, Serviceguard can add support for proprietary HP-MCCLUSTER and HP-MCSG MIBs.


The MIB files describing the standard MIBs are public and included in the respective RFC documents.

To understand the data of the proprietary MIBs, see /var/opt/OV/share/snmp_mibs/ on a system that has HP OpenView products installed, or search with the MIB name in third-party MIB catalog websites (I can recommend as they have a good collection of HP-specific MIB files: once you've found the MIB you need, change the viewing mode to Text in the left sidebar, and then use your browser features to save the content of the main page).


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Re: MIBS MIBS. Where are the MIBS?

I found this file for HP-UX11.31 that looks like the system default mibs.