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ML570G4 restart randomly

Walid Halabi

ML570G4 restart randomly

Dear all,
the server restart randomly many times daily

the server has been updated to the latest Firmware,

i have lot of ASR detected messages in the managment page.

when running the offline Insight diagnostec memory test the server always restart, i tried to remove and replace many DIMMs but the same
Honored Contributor

Re: ML570G4 restart randomly

Have you stuck a thermometer inside the unit to see what the temperature of the system is? Do you have enough ventilation for the unit?
Gokul Chandola
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML570G4 restart randomly

This may be the SMPS problem.
Please cross check, I have face the same problem.

Gokul Chandola
There is always some scope for improvment.
Walid Halabi

Re: ML570G4 restart randomly

Hi all,

what you means by SMPS and how to check it?

. the cooling system working perfictly.

Note: i have many Blue Screen messages too

Nuwan Alwis
Valued Contributor

Re: ML570G4 restart randomly

i suggest you to boot to normal kernel with out using ELsmp when your grub shows you list of kernels to select for boot. This may give you a chance to find if it is a problem with Esmp kernel.
Since you told that when you test memory with Smart start it also fails, what ill say that put this server to very basic config eg: 1 DIMMS and do the offline test for memory.
This will help you to identify if its causing by a DIMM module or DIMM slot on the board.