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MSA2312 support for hp-ux 11.00

Super Advisor

MSA2312 support for hp-ux 11.00

Hi Experts,

Wanted to know if MSA2312 is supported on hp-ux 11.00

- I have presented the lun and not able to see the disk,

I can only see the controller: and not the disk:
0/3/0/ ctl HP MSA2312fc

ioscan, and insf -e , and insf -e -C disk executed but no luck.

using WWN Port number.

Super Advisor

Re: MSA2312 support for hp-ux 11.00

Fixed, earlier using wwn node number , to be use wwn port number, from fcmsutil. Working now.
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2312 support for hp-ux 11.00

"Supported" is a loaded term in HPspeak. Given that the MSA2312 came-out after 11.0 went EOL, it is likely not "supported." It may happen to "work"

Supported, known to work -> warm fuzzies all around
Supported, not known to not work -> an HPite may be in trouble
Supported, known to not work -> an HPite is in trouble
Unsupported, known to work -> lucky today, unlucky tomorrow?
Unsupported, not known to not work -> there but for the grace of Turing
Unsupported, known to not work -> no, it was not deliberate ;-)
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