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Make a full system backup

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Make a full system backup

I want to make a full system backup, in case of disaster, I can restore all HPUX files.
Please tell me, the command:

fbackup -f /dev/rmt/0m -i /

is enough to have a backup in the tape?
How to restore, in case of disaster (presuming that HPUX will not run in init 0)?

Thank you.
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Re: Make a full system backup

The best way is to use ignite-ux , all the info you need:
Windows?, no thanks
Frank de Vries
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Re: Make a full system backup

Your question if fbackup is enough.

It will do for restoring lost and corrupted files, however for a disaster recovery,
you need to have in conjunction aan
Ignite backup of your boot disk vg00

You should do your fbackup frequently
weekly and monthly.

Your Ignite backups you need to do only after
a change to your vg00 or to your kernel.

So you need both.

Look before you leap
Suraj K Sankari
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Re: Make a full system backup

The best way to take full system backup is using make_tape_recovery the full command is

# /opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery -Av -a /dev/rmt/0mn

It will take full vg00 into your defualt tape drive

if you want to take full backup of vg00 and vg01 and you want to dump /tmp then the command will be

# make_tape_recovery â x inc_entire=vg00 â x inc_entire=vg01 â x exclude=/tmp

Ganesan R
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Re: Make a full system backup


You need to follow two step backup recovery process for disaster recovery plan.

Use ignite to take OS(VG00) backup and fbackup for other filesystem(non-VG00) backup.

To take entire vg00 backup.

#make_tape_recovery -I -Av

To take other VG's backup.

#fbackup -vf /dev/rmt/0m -g

Note: here should contain all the mount points which needs to be backed up. refer man fbackup for more details.

In case of disaster, first you need to restore the ignite tape followed by frecover to bring the system to earlier state.
Best wishes,

Sajjad Sahir
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Re: Make a full system backup

Dear Friend

The ignite ux make_tape_recovery command creates a system recovery tape that can be used to boot and recover a system that has become unbootable root disk or root volume group.

1.load writable tape in u system

enter the command

make_tape_recovery -x inc_entire=vg00

thanks and regards

Sajjad Sahir
Jestin John Chacko
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Re: Make a full system backup


As per my liitle experience we are taking the os (if it is vg00)backup through ignite(only if ignite is enabled in that server)

through make_tape_recovery -Av -a

and the file system backup using fbackup,or else you can simply use SAM for the same purpose

SAM---backup and recovery--interactive backup and recovery---actions ---backup fies ---Add all required logical volumes there.

using this fbackup will occur for the file systems.