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Max groups per user in Tru64 ???

Susan Harris_3
Occasional Visitor

Max groups per user in Tru64 ???

In HPUX, 1 user can belong to a max of 20 groups. Is it the same in Tru64 ? I've tested it through sysman, adding 1 user to more than 20 groups and it didn't complain about it, but not sure what other failout may come of it. - Thanks, Sue
Stuart Fuller_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Max groups per user in Tru64 ???

[root]:/usr/include/sys> grep NGROUPS_MAX *
syslimits.h:#define NGROUPS_MAX 32 /* max number of supplemental group id's */

Looks like the max is 32 groups.

Beware, however, that you should assume that the MAXGROUPS the smallest of all the NFS servers and clients that the user can access.