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Maximum number of users in a group

tim skelhon(fujitsu)
Occasional Contributor

Maximum number of users in a group

Is there a maximum number of users that can be in a group? I have added over 200 users into 1 group (as a secondary group)and when calling id in a user where the group is the primary the group name is not displayed. EG:
DEV iraxxxxx :# id
uid=554(xfermde4) gid=203()
When calling id in a group where the group is a secondary group it is not displayed at all: EG:
DEV iraxxxxx :# id
uid=700(mt10tpr) gid=101(modes)

Can this be resolved?
Honored Contributor

Re: Maximum number of users in a group


The length of each line in /etc/group is limited to LINE_MAX, as defined in . Because of this limit, users should not be listed in their primary group - only in their additional groups.

man 4 group

grep LINE_MAX /usr/include/limits.h
$ define LINE_MAX 2048L /* Expected length in bytes of a
$ define _POSIX2_LINE_MAX 2048 /* Unless otherwise noted, the maximum

tim skelhon(fujitsu)
Occasional Contributor

Re: Maximum number of users in a group

Thanks. I has found the answer and resolution in a previuos thread but appreciate the swift response.