Media Tape not seen

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Media Tape not seen

Dear All


i have HP-UX server 11.23 running on itanium rx6600 server , we add to the server a media tape drive from symantic and do a reboot for the server but nothing appears from ioscan -fn we get that the tapes is claimed , we checked masking issue and sure every thing is OK what we should we do


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Re: Media Tape not seen

You need to install the tape driver and reboot:


# kcmodule stape=static
NOTE:    The configuration being loaded contains the following change(s)
         that cannot be applied immediately and which will be held for
         the next boot:
      -- The configuration is supposed to include a module 'stape' which
         is not available without a kernel rebuild.
WARNING: The automatic 'backup' configuration currently contains the
         configuration that was in use before the last reboot of this
     ==> Do you wish to update it to contain the current configuration
         before making the requested change? y
       * The automatic 'backup' configuration has been updated.
       * Building a new kernel for configuration 'nextboot'...
       * Adding version information to new kernel...
       * The requested changes have been saved, and will take effect at
         next boot.
Module               State   Cause    
stape   (now)        unused           
        (next boot)  static  explicit 

Hope this helps!

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