Memory Issue on ZX6000

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Memory Issue on ZX6000


We have reinstalled HP-UX on a ZX6000 Itanium machine. The mahcine has 8GBytes of physical RAM, which is detected during boot up.

However, looking at 'top' only seems to show that we have access to about 200 MBytes of real memory. The output fro 'top' is:

Memory: 411224K (220896K) real, 608284K (325960K) virtual, 6677956K free Page#

Also, when we run an application that requires 2 GBytes of memory, it aborts.

Does any know if there are some system kernel settings we need t change to get access to more of the memory that is installed.






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Re: Memory Issue on ZX6000

Might look into top patches.

Might check the output of dmesg - but sounds like you may have done that already based on "detected at boot."

Are your applications 32-bit (default compile) or 64-bit? There should be some papers on memory layout on or somewhere in the DSPP ( which explain the memory models and how quadrants limit things (by default) to 1GB for malloc() in a 32-bit application. Manpages for cc and perhaps ld may describe some of the clever options one can add to get total malloc() limits higher in a 32-bit application. However, any one malloc() will still be constrained by the limits imposed by the quadrants.

It may be "easier" to compile 64-bit - +DD64 with the HP ANSI compiler.

WRT kernel settings, those could include, but may not be limited to maxdsiz and its 64-bit cousin. kmtune/kctune and their manpages should say more
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Re: Memory Issue on ZX6000




Do a  print_manifest | grep -i memory and see if the memory is totally detected.





Re: Memory Issue on ZX6000



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