Memory usage

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Memory usage

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we have HP-UX 11.31 on rx6600 server , the server has 8GB RAM , running oracle 10g DB ,from top command and our monitoring tool (HP openview) and from oracle grib reports it shows that the server had full memory utilization , but when we check from swapinfo command and from what oracle SGA receives we have 45% used from memory only , we see something from oracle related to change kernel parameter filecache , but I checked that this parameter preferred to be the default , any suggestion related to have the real memory used , and should we change this parameter or what ?



Fadia Almarei

Dennis Handly
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Re: Memory usage

What is the output of: swapinfo -tam

What are the values of filecache_max(5) and filecache_min(5)?

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Re: Memory usage

sorry for the da
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Re: Memory usage



The default values are

 filecache_min: approximately 5% of physical memory

 filecache_max: approximately 50% of physical memory



If your system is used for ORACLE DB only , you can reduce these values since Oracle use their own caching [ System Global Area ] mechanisim .


may be you can set


 filecache_min: 2%

 filecache_max: 5%





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Re: Memory usage

A part from memory other fact also need to check on the system

what is the value of vx_ninode

and time free lag


kctune | grep -i ninode

kctune | grep -i lag


for smooth running of hp-ux you need to tune your kernel and file system