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Memory utilization is very high.

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Memory utilization is very high.

My server Memory utilization is very high. can some one analyze and let me know why it is so high...i glad to provide you logs if required.....

Pleasse find the attachemnt.
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Re: Memory utilization is very high.

It can be your memory is too small or your kernel dbc_max_pct is too high (such as 50). You can use the following command to find out which process takes the most of the memory.

UNIX95= ps -eafo user,time,pid,vsz,args | sort -rk 4

This will list all the processes with the one takes most memory on the top of the list.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory utilization is very high.

It does not appear to be excessive buffer cache, as the "Mem Util" line does not even indicate a "B" for buffer, after the "U".

Not that high Buffer usage is bad in my book, it is just something to understand and to appreciate that it has the tendency to 'fill out' free memory opportunistically with file buffers which may or might not become helpful.

Glance indicates an Itanium box. Which version of HPUX? V3 I hope? That version works very well with high buffer settings, adjusting down as needed.

Now, memory utilization is certainly high, but is it a problem, or is it perhaps exactly as designed ?! Surely the memory was ordered to be used, not to just sit there idle?

For example, the DBA's may have figured out exactly how much memory there is and just cerated an SGA sized to 'eat it all up'.


What is the system designed to do ?!
Is it living without the bounds of that design?

Besides using TOP or PS -EF to zoom in on memory users, also be sure to check IPCS -M

Hope this help some,

Hein van den Heuvel
HvdH Performance Consulting.

Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory utilization is very high.

It does not seem too overutilized. At some time you were low on memory and your system used real swap space.

You may want to lower you filecache_max or DBC_MAX (11.23 and lower)

You want your memory utilzation to be in the 95 or so percent since buffer cache will allow your unused memory to be used as filesystem buffer cache if programs do not use it. If you get low on memory vhand shrinks buffer cache and may use a little bit of swap space.

The question is how often do you do pageouts very rarely (is a good answer).
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Re: Memory utilization is very high.

what is the value of filecache_min and filecache_max ??