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Migrate from Superdome vpar to BL860c

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Migrate from Superdome vpar to BL860c

Hi everyone ..


I have a BL860c ..


We are moving a SAN  BOOTED superdome vpar to a blade BL860c.

The EMC storage has been moved from the superdome to the blade and I am able to boot from the blade with no issues.,

Everything is fine except for the lan driver.

# ioscan -fnkC lan
# lanscan
error:  no PPAs available


I think I just need a driver .. but HP cant seen to give me the correct driver.


HP Support cant seem to figure it out and have given the wrong driver twice.

I have installed


WIth no luck ..


Through sam (smh)

I can see the following device..

0/0/0/3/0/0/2                   unknown    PCIe Ethernet (14e41650)


From other servers similar to this one .. I know that this is the type of card.

lan       2  0/0/0/3/0/0/2  iexgbe   CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP  PCIe 2-p 10GbE Built-in


Any ideas?


I dont have the CD's so a link for the .depot so I would appreciate a link or what I need to put in the search to download the driver. 


I have been messing with this all day ll any help or idea would be great.


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Re: Migrate from Superdome vpar to BL860c

Perhaps this item from will do the trick:

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Re: Migrate from Superdome vpar to BL860c



Figured it out


After doing a google search for FlexNIC 11.31


— Go to the HP Software Depot website at:
— Search for 10GigEthr-02.


and it took me to