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Migrate package to IVM guest

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Migrate package to IVM guest


I have a requirement to migrate existing package running SG cluster node1-node2, which we are planning to use it as IVM servers.

We will bring down the package.
Take an Ignite backup of node1.
Install IVM on node1-node2.
Create Guest partition.
Restore Ignite to newly created guest and remove SG packages.

Question is how I will be able to import the SG package disks to newly created Guest partitions?

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Re: Migrate package to IVM guest

Some considerations:

Should the package run on guests or will be the guest itself the package?
What HPVM version?
What type of storage hardware?

In case you want to "re-use" the existing data disks, you need to assign them to the guests.

The guide from will tell you all the details.

Hope this helps!

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Migrate package to IVM guest


Well you seem to be migrating the IVM no problem.

Unless the IVM is going to have the same storage access and IP address, you will have to reconfigure those things and the SG environment to get going.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Migrate package to IVM guest

Thanks for your response.

I have managed to find the solution

Collect the luns which are part of VG
Create map file
Export the vg
Assign the disks to IVM guest
vparmodify -P guest1 -a disk:scsi::disk:/dev/rdisk/disk27
Login to guest
ioscan to verify new luns
Import VG

Thanks for all your help in this.