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Migrating HPUX (10.20, 11.00, 11.11) to Integrity VM.

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Migrating HPUX (10.20, 11.00, 11.11) to Integrity VM.

Hi All,

We would like to migrate the HPUX servers (10.20 , 11.00 , 11.11) running on K580, L2000, rp3440, J6000 to Intergrity VM (rx6600).

Os has been installed in local disk (root volume).

All above mentioned servers are having LUNs (from HITACHI SAN box).

Each servers are having some applications.

I have some questions

1)how to migrate?

How to migrate those servers to integrity VM, please explain me step by step from Building integrity VM server and creating Virtual server for each physical server and installing OS to transfer appliations and all data (like now it is) to successfully completing the migration.

Please explain me easy setps.

2)what are the things to cared while migration.

3)How to transfer the data from physical to VM after installing OS and Application.

Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Migrating HPUX (10.20, 11.00, 11.11) to Integrity VM.

Hi Senthil,

Do you want to move the applications to the new vm's?

You cannot run HPXU 10.20, 11.0 or 11.11 on a integrity vm!

Pete Randall
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Re: Migrating HPUX (10.20, 11.00, 11.11) to Integrity VM.

You're asking for simple answers to a very complex upgrade. Each existing machine's applications will have to be evaluated to see what will be necessary to migrate it to a HP-UX release that will run/support a VM environment. In some cases, a new release of the application will be required, making it necessary to go through all that upgrade planning.

You might want to consider hiring a consultant for thousands and thousands of dollars to go through and analyze all the ramifications involved in this "migration". The nature of this Forum does not really allow for the sort of in-depth analysis your complex situation requires.


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Re: Migrating HPUX (10.20, 11.00, 11.11) to Integrity VM.

Since all of this versions up to 11.11 cannot run on Integrity servers (including virtual machines) you cannot migrate them.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Migrating HPUX (10.20, 11.00, 11.11) to Integrity VM.

Hi All,

We are going to install 11iV3 at intergrity VM and latest version of the new application.

Actually i am planning to follow those below mentioned steps.

1)Creating Virtual Machine with Proposed CPU Memory and Disk

2)OS Installation and new patch updates

3)Disk Size Allocation to accomodate the existing data of the current physical server.

4)File System Creation

5)User Creation in Local

6)NIS Client Confirguration

7)Copying existing Home Directories through NFS (Please suggest if you know any other method.)

8)Installing And Configuring Appliactions

9)Coping other user & application data throug NFS

10)Testing the ser

Are above steps enough?, if not please give your inputs.