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Migrating from RP7410 to BL870C

Waqar Razi
Regular Advisor

Migrating from RP7410 to BL870C

We are migrating some application from rp7410 to BL870C. Can some one please suggest the best approach to do this. I was thinking of cold install and then attaching it to SAN. We are using EVA8400. Also needs steps to connect the newly installed system to EVA8400.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
John Guster
Trusted Contributor

Re: Migrating from RP7410 to BL870C

1. The OS has to be cold installed on the IA machine.
2. can your application code run on both PA-RISC and IA platform? If yes, you are luck, just export and import; if no, then you need install IA version of the application. As far as the data, you may export the volume followed by import it to IA machine.
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating from RP7410 to BL870C


some more info needed really, as there could be a few problems or to try and avoid problems?

what is the os version on the RP7410 and what is going on the blade?


if going from 11.23 to 11.31 you will need to check a few things first. you will have to allow for legacy/persistant dev files to start with. are you using lvm or vxfm? you need to check the versions you are using are compatible with the OS, on the san and local drives. Also you may have native multipathing now, as opposed to uing some other app?

basically a cold install would be the best, then patch up to date. Install your App, presumably this has been checked it will run the required OS on the required hardware, as john stated PA -IA. then export the volume groups with maps for example, from the san on the old server and re-import them on the new server

Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating from RP7410 to BL870C

I assume you have tested the application on the BL systems and verified that the application with your current data works ?

1. Cold install OS
2. Patch OS
3. Install your application.

Assuming the data files of your application just need filessytems from the old system.

Assuming you have FC mezazine cards and a FC interconnect you should be able to connect to the san.

On your old system

vgexport -s -m /tmp/ (all of your data volume groups)

vgimport them into your system and create and mount the filesystems.

The -s option should let you not have to worry about the disk paths on the new systems. It just finds the disks with the same VGID. Assuming your san guy presents the same disks to the new system.