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Migration of HP-UX servers to new storage

Paul Maglinger
Regular Advisor

Migration of HP-UX servers to new storage

We have several 2-node 11.23 Serviceguard clusters and a standalone 11.23 server connected to storage using dual-pathed FC.  We are wanting to migrate the data over to a new storage system.  As I understand the multi-pathing software for the FC, it can automatically detect if the same storage is on both pairs of FC.  So if that's the case, can't I just simply disconnect one pair of the fiber channel, connect it to the new FC switch, present storage there and configure, migrate the data and reconfigure the Serviceguard, remove the old storage and then move the other FC pair over once that's done?

Kennedy G. Doss
Regular Advisor

Re: Migration of HP-UX servers to new storage

If your new Array is also connected to the existing Fabric, I dont think you would have to disconnect the FC Cables physically.

The SAN Admins can zone one HBA to the new Array.

f. halili
Trusted Contributor

Re: Migration of HP-UX servers to new storage

If your new storage can be connected to the same fabric where your existing SAN storage is, just zone the new Storage to your existing hosts. After zoning to your existing hosts, create  LUNs on the new storage and rpesent  to your host. Make the necessary VG and FS changes. Now you can do the data migrate any way you wish.


When you are done, make the VG changes just remove the old LUNs.




Valued Contributor

Re: Migration of HP-UX servers to new storage

Hi Paul,


If your new storage also connected to the same way  and if you can present similar amount of lun and create same structure, you can migrate the servers easily.


FOr example: 

-if you have 2 VG currently on the 2 node cluster, you have to create same way 2 VG_new with same+ 10% more space. 

- Use any DataMigration tool like EMC OpenMigrator to run the replication while your packages are up.

- Once the Datacopy is completed from old VG/LV/FS to  new VG/LV/FS  you can take downtime for cutover and activate the new vgs and incorporate the new VG names in Service Guard package config file .

- Manually start the database & test. 

-Once tested ok, start the database with package start, (cmrunpkg).


There is no need to disconnect Fiber cables , if the new storage can be presented to the server(s) for migration, it will easy with this approach . You Just have to create same VG/LV structure , to replicate & migrate to the new storage.



Raj D.

Paul Maglinger
Regular Advisor

Re: Migration of HP-UX servers to new storage

It's not the same fabric.  New FC switches, new storage.