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Modules are not in the ELsmp kernel

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Modules are not in the ELsmp kernel

Hi Friends,

My server is HP ProLiant DL580 G3 and is running with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon Update 5). The server was working on 2.4.21-32.0.1.ELhugemem kernel now with eth2 as primary NIC and eth1 as backup NIC.

I have changed the entry in /etc/lilo.conf to change it to 2.4.21-32.0.1.ELsmp kernel.

After reboot the server did come up in the 2.4.21-32.0.1.ELsmp kernel kernel but the network interfaces failed. I could see some contradicting things here in different kernels.

now my eth2 that is primary NIC is working on e1000 module

root]# ethtool -i eth2
driver: e1000
version: 6.1.10b-NAPI
firmware-version: N/A
bus-info: 13:01.0

In /etc/modules.conf also its correct

alias eth2 e1000

Server has alias eth0 bcm5700 alias eth1 bcm5700 drivers also.

After booting in to ELsmp, the network didn’t come up; rather it was giving an error saying “device is not present” error. And one thing I noticed is bcm5700 driver is not there in the new kernel.

What could be the reason?

The /etc/lilo got modified due to PSP installation. Is there anything to do with this?

Is the initrd image got modified after PSP installation.

Sorry for the long description

Thank you

Keen to learn HP UX
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Re: Modules are not in the ELsmp kernel

yes, you need a new initrd
the procedure :
good luck
Jimmy Vance

Re: Modules are not in the ELsmp kernel

When you installed the PSP it added the needed drivers to the initrd for the running kernel. You need to create a new initrd while running the ELsmp kernel so the bcm5700 driver gets updated in the initrd image

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Re: Modules are not in the ELsmp kernel

bcm5700 is not a standard module, it was written and maintained by Broadcom and redistributed by HP as a supported driver. You'll need to reinstall bcm5700 for each new kernel. Alternatively, you could change the alias lines in your modules.conf to "tg3" instead of "bcm5700". That would use Red Hat's tg3 driver, or you could install HP's tg3 driver (which replaced bcm5700 after Broadcom EOL'd their bcm5700 module).

You shouldn't need a new initrd for bcm5700 because it's not needed to boot, but if you installed the PSP you also got other HP drivers that replaced the Red Hat versions. I don't use the PSP so I don't know what it includes, but it probably has a replacement driver for the SmartArray controller. If you want HP's drivers you'll need to build/install them for the new kernel and build a new initrd.