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MondoRescue -- Enabe virtio drivers ?

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MondoRescue -- Enabe virtio drivers ?

I am trying to restore a physical Linux server to a KVM (Redhat) virtual machine. The OS disk is /dev/vda (virtio).

Mondorestore does not seem to see my virtio disk.

I erckon this is due to the virtio drivers not being part of mondoarchive/mondorestore/mindi scheme?

So how do I?

I can thnk f changing the disk to type IDE (/dev/hda) but....

Hakuna Matata.
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Re: MondoRescue -- Enabe virtio drivers ?

I'd recommend to open a bug report on for an ER concerning this.

Adding the virtio in rev 2678 was easy, but may not be sufficient, so I'd like you to add a detailed log file of mindi execution in your conf to the ER so that I can see if something else needs to be done.

You can use the FORCE_MOD variable to add virtio support on your side in between, and read Lester Wade's excellent doc on P2V with MondoRescue on the web site as it should give you the required hints to perform such a migration.

PS: Kudos to Bryang for the link to this question.
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Re: MondoRescue -- Enabe virtio drivers ?

Looks like you've already requested it sir.

Many thanks.

It sure will make P2V on KVM using virtio a lot eaier...

Mucho Thanks again!
Hakuna Matata.