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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

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Monitoring tool on HP-UX

Hi all,

What is the most widely used monitoring tool we use on HP-UX for measuring metrics like CPU,Memory,I/O, Virtual memory and networks ? How do we collect historical data from single and different servers to view in single screen ? Is there any tool to view them in web or GUI ?

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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

Glance will give your real time stats, Performance Monitor will give you tools to review history.

Both cost $$$ and need to be purchased from your HP reseller.

And no, they're not cheap.
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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

Hi Manoj,

Glance is the BEST, and widely used monitoring tool in HP-UX for CPU, memory,I/O, virtual memory and netoworks.

Vishnu Khandare

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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

Hi Manoj:

As already noted, 'glance' is probably the best tool for HP-UX. It is architected for and to understand the HP-UX kernel. A nice overview is present in this presentation:

In my option, the price you pay to license 'glance' is worth every penny (or whatever currency you use).


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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

There are several primitive tools on HP-UX such as vmstat, top, sar, lanadamin, etc and with a *LOT* of work writing scripts and reading docs to understand how to interpret results, you can probably get what you need. But single screen? Any screen? You've got to wrote a lot of code to present the data. Or you can send the data to a PC and use Excel to create graphs.

Or you purchase the Glance products and look at the nice graphs.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

Hi Manoj,

To view real time performance monitoring: HP Glance Plus (Motif GUI and Terminal console)

To get the real time performance data of remote nodes: cpsh and mpadv (Available as part of Glance Plus installation)

To collect the historical system performance data: HP Performance Agent

To view historical data of different servers in a single node: HP Performance Manager (Web Interface)

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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

Apropos monitoring, for hardware related monitoring you can use IRSS / SFM together with SMH and HP SIM.

Insight remote support (IRS)
System fault management (SFM)
System management homepage (SMH)
System Insight Manager (SIM)

Hope this helps!

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Arvin E.
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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

I use "cacti" for monitoring hp-ux. I install cacti hp-ux template for cacti to measure cpu, memory, disk usage, lan network traffic and...
And it illustrate them on Graph...

Also it is a open-source software which you can receive for free...

Aneesh Mohan
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Re: Monitoring tool on HP-UX

Hi Manoj,

If you want better solution go for glance.

If you want cheaper solution use spotlight from quest software.