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Monitoring with Insight Manager

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Monitoring with Insight Manager

We've got Insight Manager (7.0) looking after a number of Windows servers happily as well as the odd OpenVMS server, however we're having trouble with our Linux (RH/CentOS 5/6) servers. The PSP is installed and running - we can get to the SMH remotely on the machines - but Insight Manager doesnt pick up anything further than the name and whether the server is up or down.


Presumably there's something we need to configure on the Linux side to have Insight Manager pick up all the HP events and info?

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Re: Monitoring with Insight Manager

I haven't used Insight Manager, so I don't know which protocol(s) it uses to get information from the monitored systems.

But in general, the hardware monitoring information is generated by the drivers in the hp-health package, formatted into SNMP by the hp-snmp-agents package, and distributed to whoever needs it (including the SMH) through the snmpd daemon.


I think the default snmpd configuration includes some restrictions on what SNMP objects remote hosts may access. You may want to modify the configuration so that your Insight Manager server is granted a full view of the SNMP data.


Another issue might be that the default iptables firewall configuration won't allow remote SNMP access at all. Localhost access is allowed, so SMH is always allowed to get information from snmpd.

Chris Erickson
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Re: Monitoring with Insight Manager

You need to configure the Management Agents,  specifically the snmp trap destination and snmp read/write strings.

For new ProLiants (Gen8) this can be done in the iLO.


With older servers the PSP process highlights the need to "configure" certain packages.  It is easy to do the installation, of the PSP, without completing the configuration process.


For HPSIM to access the SMH proper credentials are also required - you can establish those from HPSIM or do the setup on the subject server explicitly.