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Mount ISO file on HP-UX

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Mount ISO file on HP-UX


Please suggest steps to mount ISO file on HP-UX 11.11

I have iso file under /home/abc.iso

How to mount it under /dvdrom?

Venkatesh BL
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Re: Mount ISO file on HP-UX

# nohup pfs_mountd &
# nohup pfsd &
# pfs_mount -o xlat=UNIX path_to_iso mount_point

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Re: Mount ISO file on HP-UX


I should hope pfs_mount would not work. Its an awful technology and should only be used if there is no alternative.

I think you'll have to either burn the image to an actual DVD or mount the image on a Linux or Solaris host and then NFS export it to HP-UX.
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Tim Nelson
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Re: Mount ISO file on HP-UX

Most likely have to use PFS as I am not aware of native mount that supports ISO file moutning.

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Re: Mount ISO file on HP-UX


You cannot mount the iso file directly here is the steps

Here are the steps to mount the ISO file on HP-UX 11i:

Find out the size of the ISO image:
# du -k /tmp/test.iso
NOTE: The size will be in Kb.

Create a logical volume to hold the ISO image:
# lvcreate -L -n iso /dev/vg00
NOTE: The name of the logical volume will be /dev/vg00/iso

Copy the ISO file to the raw logical volume:
# dd if=/tmp/test.iso of=/dev/vg00/riso bs=64k

Create a temporary directory and mount the /dev/vg00/iso volume:
# mkdir /iso_image
# mount /dev/vg00/iso /iso
NOTE: For HP-UX 11.11 you must install the latest CDFS patches:
PHCO_25841 Add Rock Ridge extension to mount_cdfs(1M)
PHKL_26269 Rock Ridge extension for ISO-9660
PHKL_34153 CDFS cumulative patch


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