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Re: Mount in vi/etc/fstab

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Mount in vi/etc/fstab

how to add my mount in vi/etc/fstab
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Re: Mount in vi/etc/fstab

(It would help if you used a subject that pertains to your questions.)
You could use SAM to add it for you.
What type of filesystem are you trying to mount?
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Re: Mount in vi/etc/fstab

Edit /etc/fstab file in vi Editor. Make an entry in fstab file as given in the example. Adding entry to the /etc/fstab file. Mounts Filesystem automatically every time system boots.

Example :-

/dev/vg00/lvol4 /home vxfs delaylog 0 2

First column :- in the file is the block device file used for the file system.
Second column:- represents the mount point that is /home in this example.
Third column :- is type of file system.
Forth Column :- 'delaylog' and other VxFS (JFS) mount options are documented in the man pages (1M) for 'mount_vxfs'.

"In delaylog mode, some system calls return before the intent log is written. This improves the performance of the system, but some changes are not guaranteed until a short time later when the intent log is written."

Technical Knowledge Base document For your reference.

Fifth Column :- Backup Frequency
Sixth Column :- Fsck Order

Ishwar VenuGopal
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Re: Mount in vi/etc/fstab

Hi SriPabhu,

Its Easy to add mount point in vi /etc/fstab,
U must have root privilege's, as ur done with mount point creation.
For getting the mount point mounted automatically as system reboots u should add line in /etc/fstab as,
/dev/vg00/lvolX /ABC vxfs delaylog 0 2,
ur logical volumeX its mount point name ABC
file system, delaylog, Backup Frequency, and Fsck Order
in best practice we use above values.
Dont forget to save entry in this filewhile u create mount point, to avoid juggling after reboot.....

Hope this solves ur issues..
Don't forget to assign points..

Vishnu Khandare
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Re: Mount in vi/etc/fstab