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Mouse Problem in SUSE Linux 7.0 with KVM Connected

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Mouse Problem in SUSE Linux 7.0 with KVM Connected

We have the following environment:

Suse Linux 7.0
Kernel - 2.2.16
Mouse - PS/2 logitech mouse
Matrox g200 AGP
Xaccel 5.0.2 X-manger

The above system is connected to with the below KVM setup:

KVM Setup:
Blackbox ServSwitch SW619A
Blackbox Cat5KVM extender ACU1006A
Blackbox Cat5 PS/2 extender ACU1007A

I am getting the mouse problem with the above setup. The problem is that it is moving erratically. I need to give some KVM command to to the KVM Servswith to set the correct mouse movement. Then it is working properly. But I need to do the same after every reboot of the system.

When I contacted the KVM support they advised me to change the mouse drivers. When I connect the mouse directly to the system it is working. So I assume that there is no problem with the mouse drivers. I tried chaning the drivers also, but nothing worked out. I tried different protocols like PS/2, Logitech, Microsoft etc. The mouse device is /dev/psaux.

We can't use using Xfree. We are using Xaccel. The follwing the mouse configuration in /etc/Xaccel.ini file:

Device = "/dev/psaux";
Protocol = PS/2;

I think there is some communication problem (not physical ) during the reboot of the system between the KVM and the system. When I give the KVM command, the mouse is working properly. May be this command is setting is setting the proper handshake between the system and the KVM. There is no problem with the keyboard or video.

I want to know how the system will comminicate to the PS/2 mouse during the boot time. So that those things can be set accordingly.

Please advice/help me to resolve my mouse problem.

Thanks & Regards,