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Multipath solution

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Multipath solution

Hi Guys

Pls help me to find out which package is installed on server for auto discovery of path to LUN (Symantec DMP,EMC Power Path ,HP Secure Path ), And also notify how to identify newly allocated LUN for the host (HP-UX B.11.23 U ia64)
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Re: Multipath solution

First of all you should tell what storage you are using - this makes things easier (use ioscan if in doubt). "swlist" will tell what software is installed.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Multipath solution

to find Power Path

#swlist -l product|grep Power

>>identify newly allocated LUN for the host

1. ioscan
2. ioscan -fnC disk

then check with the appropriate command of multipathing software command.
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Re: Multipath solution

I need package names for different tool for multipathing in general even if the LUN is from different storage, And for identifying the newly allocated LUN only comparison of ioscan â fnC disk output is or what?
If we are using such tool is there any tool specific command for that ?
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Re: Multipath solution


first of all. hpux already come with a native multipathing solution for whatever storage you use.
PV-LINKS. you can use it to allow multipathing redundancy.

ioscan -fnC disk
"get the new LUNS hardware address"
insf -H "hardware Address"
ioscan -fnC disk "get the new created device name".
check vgcreate manual page for multiple pv_paths to the same LUN.

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Re: Multipath solution

hi kemo

will u pls provide product name for the tool(dmp, Muti path, secure path) and its version also.
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Re: Multipath solution


PV links is not multipathing. PV links is more of a poor man's load balancing. But it is definitely not multipathing. Since you are on 11.23 you are going to either need HP's Securepath of some other vendors multipathing product. I have only personally used SecurePath and the DMP provided with Vertias Volume Manager. They both work well.
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Re: Multipath solution

How to identify the newly allocated lun:
ioscan -funC ext_bus | more
will list your array interfaces, make note of the H/W path
ioscan -funC disk | more
will list your disk, note the H/W paths and state of disks.
insf -e
will install your device files for the newly allocated luns.
Do a man fcmsutil. fcmsutil is a fibre channel tool which has a lot of options for tracking down the state of your fibre channel connections to you SAN.
If you have a newer system your HBA cards should supoort auto discovery. A quote from the following link:,289142,sid5_gci922510,00.html

For HP-UX and AIX operating systems, as long as they support the vendor's HBA, the autodiscovery of LUNs feature should be available. Each ships with utilities native to its operating systems that allow new LUNs to be discovered without requiring reboots of its respective systems, regardless of the HBA manufacturer.

Also if you want to find out what product you have installed on your system try:
swlist -l product | more and see if that works.

(if this helps points are appreciated.) ;)