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Re: Multiple ftpd daemons

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Re: Multiple ftpd daemons

It also so sad to see people foolishly assuming that all working environments are the same. I guess some of people do lack of exposures dealing with large corporate red tapes, unreasonalble ignorant groups of demanding users, politics, and so on ...

So please keep your ignorance, comments and ego to yourself and move on. This is not constructive. If you are so bored and looking for something to argue on, there are some forums designated for that purpose.

Gosh, this is getting real old ...
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple ftpd daemons

> So please keep your ignorance, [...]

I was trying to reduce my ignorance, but I
can't seem to get a straight answer to a
simple question here.

> [...] lack of exposures dealing with large
> corporate red tapes, [...]

With my weak psychic powers, I didn't realize
that these were part of the original problem.
I must have missed these considerations in
the original problem statement. Perhaps you
should have included more info on the
constraints if you didn't wish to be
questioned about them.

> This is not constructive.

It could be, but some folks seem to be
impervious to criticism.