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NFS Automount Issue

Jai Gopal

NFS Automount Issue

Hi Admin,

Thanks in advance,

Breif about setup.

We have SAP production in HPUX 11.23 cluster running to two npar on two different superdome.DP is used at backup software. Customer taking online SMB(split mirror) SAP backup. As prerequites to configure this backup is that /oracle//sapabckup should be avaliable on backup servers using Automount.

This automount working fine as long as backup is not initiated on backup server, but the moment backup got fired, this filesystem (/oracle//sapbackup will appear on backup server but no file will be visible to us. Moreover bdf is show 2% used size before backup get fired and same filesystem will become 86% during backup process. Because of this issue Database control file is not able to get copied at end of this backup.

Below is snapshot.
Before Backup collected bdf output from Cell manager
Filesystem kbytes used avail %used Mounted on
5242880 121152 5082536 2% /oracle/BP1/sapbackup
Once this backup got fired, the size of file system get change from 2% to 86% and all data inside the file system get to Zero .
41943040 34512832 7373400 82% /oracle/BP1/sapbackup
total 0
Bdf Output Collected After backup from Cell manager

The OS/NFS/Network patches is latest & same on both server (database server & backup server).The DP patches are also latest on backup servers & client. Both patch mgmt activities was completed last weekend.

Please let me know if any one has faced this issue or any lead to solve this issue.