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NFS Busy

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NFS Busy


My system is now booting now..the message says NFS is busy in booting do i stop this and also i tried to enter singleuser mode i can't able to edit the particular file

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Re: NFS Busy


Could you please give more details ? Which O/S ? Linux or Hp-ux ? In case of Linux, which distro ?


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Re: NFS Busy

In the case that the system is expecting an NFS server (you have filesystems mounted from a remote NFS server?).

if this is the case then (depending on the setup in the /etc/fstab) it can wait forever.

Can you boot to sinle user mode (boot -s) and list the /etc/fstab? if you have filesystems there like:

server:/path/to/dir /local/path nfs <...>

then you know you have NFS filesystems, uncomment them to allow the system to boot into multi user and fix the problem.

Possible problems: (if above is the case)
- You NFS server is down
- The NFS server listed in fstab is wrong
- You have no network

- Nico
If all else fails, try reading the manual...