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NFS CDROM from RH6.1 to HP-UX 10.20

Occasional Contributor

NFS CDROM from RH6.1 to HP-UX 10.20

I have a Linux box running RH 6.1. I mounted a CD rom
on this box. I have the CD NFS'd to an HP 9000 machine running HP-UX 10.20.
On the HP box, I can see that the cd is mounted and what percentage is used of
the CD. However, I cannot list any of the files on the CD. If I log in
directly into the RH box, I can see all of the files.

Has anyone ever had this problem and has anyone ever been able to correct it ?
If you have, could you please share your information ?

Javier S.
Occasional Visitor

Re: NFS CDROM from RH6.1 to HP-UX 10.20

I have had exactly the same problem as this with all of our HP-UX systems and
RH 6.x. I have experienced it on both 10.20 and 11.00. I don't know of any
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Re: NFS CDROM from RH6.1 to HP-UX 10.20

I used to have HP boxes around, but long ago, my memory may fail...

HP-UX doesn't have a RockRidge driver, only a ISO9660 one (remember good old DOS times with 8.3 names and 64 bytes for directory and file name ?).
And as your RH CD is a RockRidge CD (extensions to ISO9660), no way to see files...

Maybe in HP-UX 12 ;-? Or try under another commercial Unix (Tru64, option rrip, or Solaris), or as a workaround, mount on a Linux box, then export as NFS, or dump it on disk


Bienvenue chez moi
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Re: NFS CDROM from RH6.1 to HP-UX 10.20

In HP-UX, You can try with this commands:

1.- Start the pfs daemons, in order for you to mount the CD's:

nohup pfs_mountd &
nohup pfsd &

2.- Mount the CD with the pfs_mount command:

pfs_mount -o xlat=unix /dev/dsk/dev_file /mount_point

Refer to pfs_mountd(1M), pfs_mount(1M) and pfs(4) for more details.

Linux?. Yes, of course.