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NFS - Can't see files

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NFS - Can't see files


Have NFS share on an Linux server, which I am NFS mounting on an rx6600 with HP-UX 11iv3 (B.11.31.0903).
User id and group id are the same on both servers, and I can see directories in the share but not the files.
When I touch a file in a directory i can see the files, but when I delete the touched file the other files are invisible again.

What is strange is that it works perfect on another server with HP-UX 11iv3 (B.11.31.0909).
The two servers are in a ServiceGuard cluster.
User, group, kernel parameters and NFS settings are the same.
The only other difference is that the first server is the active node in the cluster and is running the application.
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: NFS - Can't see files

NFS mount on 11.31. You can not see the files but they really are there. Sounds a bit familiar.

Here's a thread to a similar NFS 11.31 issue I ran into. Mr. Olker gives a temporary work around and info that may be helpful to you. It helped me.


Re: NFS - Can't see files

The READDIR option had an immediate effect, so I didn't try the patch.
It looks like it was spesific for cdrom mounts anyway.

Thank you very much for your help.