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NFS Share is not mounting

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NFS Share is not mounting


I have installed RHEL 4 update 4 on a multi-homed system and configured a NFS Server.

When i tried to mount the NFS share from the client side, i am not able to mount the share certain times.

Then i will restart the NFS & Portmap service on the server side,service is started successfully and i am able to mount the share from the client only for a period of time.

If its not mounting, again my restarting the NFS / Portmap service on the server side.

But im getting the below error even though the service is started successfully

nfsd: last server has exited
nfsd: unexporting all filesystems
rpciod: active tasks at shutdown
RPC: failed to contact portmap (-5)

Please help me in the problem

Mohammed Yasar
Honored Contributor

Re: NFS Share is not mounting

"RPC: failed to contact portmap (-5)"

It looks like you can't register the service against the portmap daemon.

Ensure that the portmap service is started before starting nfs services:

service portmap start
service portmap status

Ensure that your local firewall rules are not preventing the connection to the portmap services. Check the firewall status:

service iptables status
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