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NFS automount issue

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Occasional Contributor

NFS automount issue

I know this same type of question has been asked here before, but can't seem to find an answer that solves my question.
I have a 11.23 NFS server and I have several 11.31 NFS clients. When using automounter to mount a FS on the 11.31 clients I get the following error:

sh: /sapinstall: Permission denied.

However I can mount the FS just fine using

mount server03:/sapinstall /mnt

and the /net/server03/sapinstall works just fine.

The strange thing is I have one 11.31 client working with automount just fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

/etc/exports on 11.23 server :

/sapinstall -anon=0,root=server06:server06.filton.gknaero.local:server09:server09.filton.gknaero.local

/etc/auto_master on 11.31 client :

/net -hosts -nosuid,soft,nobrowse
/- /etc/

/etc/ on 11.31 client :

/sapinstall server03:/sapinstall

server06 is the client which throws the error, server09 is the client which works just fine.
/etc/nsswitch.conf are the same, the /etc/hosts files are the same (expcept the client's own names).
I'm stuck.
Turgay Cavdar
Honored Contributor

Re: NFS automount issue

On 11.31 client can you check the permissions of /etc/ file? It shouldn't have execute permissions.
Occasional Contributor

Re: NFS automount issue

HERO! Thanks. That was the forest I needed to see but the trees were in the way.

I removed the execute permissions from /etc/ and now the automount is working.
Thank you.
Occasional Contributor

Re: NFS automount issue

Thanks again.