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NFS issues -- argh.


NFS issues -- argh.

# uname -a
OSF1 lapacho V5.1 2650 alpha

Folks, having some NFS client issues on a Tru64 machine. Some sort of stale file handle between the Tru64 box and a RHEL4.7 NFS server.

I ran /sbin/init.d/nfsmount stop -- which complained about some other NFS mounts in use. I killed the processes locking those and unmounted them.

However, running nfsmount now:

# ./nfsmount start
Mounting NFS filesystems
NFS2 server lapacho not responding still trying

Why it's trying to talk to itself, I don't know. I tried restart the nfs daemon to no avail, commands like df just hang and don't respond to kill -9 either.

The users on this box really do not want to reboot it -- what else can be done to just kill all this NFS stuff? I suppose I need to start killing random processes that may be locking things...

Is there a way to find out what's mounted currently on the system (cat /proc/mounts in Linux) or something like lsof to see what open file handles there are? I guess fuser would work perhaps...

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Re: NFS issues -- argh.

Can you please be a bit more specific?
What machine is the server?
What machine is the client?
Please specify (extracts from) /etc/exports and /etc/fstab

NFS must be started on the NFS server machine with /etc/exports

On the client machine you need to have /etc/fstab and use mount to mount the remote file system.

Why are you using NFS2 and not NFS3?

Re: NFS issues -- argh.

In the end we rebooted the machine to clear the issue up (after getting advice from HP Tru64 support).

I don't know why it reported the NFSv2 error. The server in question is itself -- why it would be trying to talk to its own NFS server using v2 is beyond me. :-)

In any case, the automount process was in an uninterruptible sleep state with a parent process of "1", so there was no way to kill it without rebooting.

I rebooted and disabled the old "automount" daemon which I am told can get confused fairly easily. In its place we're using autofs which I'm hopeful will be a little bit more robust.

Still not totally clear what happened on this machine to cause the issues but everything is back to normal for the moment.

Thanks much!

Re: NFS issues -- argh.

Rebooted machine and switched to autofs automounter.