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NIS issue

Frequent Advisor

NIS issue

Getting the error "ypcat group failed (2)" in one of the server which has hpux 11.11 intermittently.The issue gets resolved by itself after sometime.ypwhich returns the NIS server name when the issue is there.NIS server is a solaris server.Please help resolving the issue
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: NIS issue

> NIS issue

Is that anything like a _problem_?

> Getting the error [...]

When you do what?

> [...] ypwhich returns the NIS server name
> when the issue is there.

Huh? Is that when the problem is there, or
when it's not there?

Anything interesting in the system log files?
Is NIS the only network service with a
problem? (When it fails, do other things
("ping", Telnet, FTP, ...) work?)

> [...] NIS server is a solaris server. [...]

One NIS master server (only)?
Frequent Advisor

Re: NIS issue

This error occurs when I run ypcat group command.Other network services are working fine when this issue is faced.ypwhich successfully returns the NIS server even when we face this issue.