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NIS netgroup not propogating on slave server

Andrew Kaplan
Super Advisor

NIS netgroup not propogating on slave server

Hi there --

We recently merged two NIS domains into one. The NIS master and slave servers of second domain were made into slaves to the master in the first domain.

I noticed that a change made to the netgroup file on the master did not appear in its counterpart on either of the slave servers. A check of the time stamps on the slave servers indicated the netgroup file on each was not updated from the master.

When the merge took place, the ypmake command was run on the master server, and the ypinit command was run on the slave servers. The domain user accounts were able to log into all servers without issue.

Is there an additional step(s) or command(s) that need to be run in order to synchronize all files between the slaves and the master? Thanks.

A Journey In The Quest Of Knowledge
Honored Contributor

Re: NIS netgroup not propogating on slave server

You need to manually update the ypservers map on the new NIS master and put in there the names of the new slave servers (the master and slave servers of the second domain).

The file is in /var/yp/domainname/ypservers.pag

1. Extract the contents of the map file into a text file
makedbm -u ypservers > ypservers.txt

2. Edit the ypservers.txt file and add the new slave servers

3. Create the new map files from the edited text file

makedbm ypservers.txt ypservers

4. Verify the contents of the new map file with "strings ypservers.pag"

5. Push the remaining maps as needed. You may have to force a push by touching each source file.