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NON ROOT VG'S restore for DR

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NON ROOT VG'S restore for DR

Ignite is right tool for DR. Backup the vg00 on all systems using Ignite and backup all the other vgs using traditional backup method fbackup/omniback/veritas etc.
For DR, you can recover the vg00 using Ignite. Ignite will boot the server and rebuild your vg00 and restore vg00. Once you have working OS, you can use restore method for other vg's from frecover/omniback/veritas and you are back in business.

My Question is:


wERE the external vg’s made manually or did a vgimport on the external vg’s at restoration time was used to get the vg configuration back. If u used vgimport then of course u got the same disk device files. But at the DR site they don’t have the same device files…. Does that matter?., In DR we just give them disk space size as to how much we want and they just assign space through SAN.

In conclusion, the vg configuration for non root vg's... R they created manually again on DR site or vgimport is used to get those configuration back and if so what about the difference in disk device files??? (the original ones and the ones provided at DR site).
James R. Ferguson
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Re: NON ROOT VG'S restore for DR

Hi Khilari:

At the DR site you should plan to build volume groups just as you originally did. That is, you will be given some set of physical disks with the server on which you will recover. You should 'pvcreate' the physical disks (of your choice); 'vgcreate' your volume groups; 'lvcreate' your logical volumes within those volume groups; 'newfs' filesystems in those logical volumes; and lastly restore their data from your backup.

The actual device files used don't matter to your recovery.


Pete Randall
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Re: NON ROOT VG'S restore for DR

In order to use vgimport, you have to have the original physical volumes to import. At the DR site, you do not, so there is nothing to import and they must be created manually, using the physical disks available to you.


Pranjal Sinha
Occasional Visitor

Re: NON ROOT VG'S restore for DR

You cannot do the vgimport if the san is different.The device file names may be different across different systems for the same LUN.The device file name doesn't matter in case of vgimport if it is the same LUN & is presented to the target box.

Since you are recovering the system from the ignite backup, you have to manually create the VGs & restore from backup in the space assigned thru SAN.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: NON ROOT VG'S restore for DR


Most DR sites are not exact hardware copies of production.

What I want at an offline site is:

1) Ignite system backup of vg00.
2) Backup of shared storage data.
3) Documentation on how to bring the system up. The assumption should be I am not available to do the build.

The plan is restore the system from Ignite, have a plan for setting up shared storage to handle the step 2 data and then restore it.

There are almost always manual steps in a DR site unless you use Service Guard Continental Cluster to keep it up to date.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation