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NTP winter time changing

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NTP winter time changing

Hi All

Please help me with the following:
We have to change to winter time this weekend. We also have an applications, using timestamps, so it is important to now how I can fix the problem?
The problem is, that the time will become -1 hour, and the applications will dublicate timestamps?

I'm using NTP server.

And the output from the servers:
# date
Wed Oct 27 13:19:53 EETDST 2010

Is anybody now the best practice in this situation?
Pionts will be provided :)
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: NTP winter time changing


NTP works in the Epoch seconds just as your server records timestamps. Your applications (and the underlying operating system) [should] use the Epoch value.

What you perceive as your local time is a positive or negative offset from this time as defined by your TZ environmental variable. If the rules for daylight (winter) transition are current in your '/usr/lib/tztab' file (which is delivered by a patch when it is officially updated), then you will perceive the time shift accordingly.

You don't need to take any actions. The manpages for 'cron(1M)' describe how Spring and Autumn transitions are handled.