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Need Help for analyse processus

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Need Help for analyse processus

Hello from france,

I'v just make a installation of the last DuPatch 5 on My Alpha Server DS20E Tru64 V5.1.A.
I've got Oracle 9I, Progress 9.1D and Progress 8.3E Database running.

When i start à ps -elf command, I dont't see the complete process list with the complete argument list of the process for all my progress 8.3E processus.

I just see the process like this:

0:00.03 /usr/lbin/lpd
848001 S + 0 751 1 0.0 44 0 3.4M event Oct
Bug with 8.3E
17 0:01.88 [_mprosrv]
48001 S 0 142265 1 0.0 44 0 3.9M event 06:10:
All my 8.3.E processus are displayed with [Processus_name] and nothing else !
OK with 9.1.D processus and all other 0:00.40 /usr/dlc91d/bin/_mprosrv /home/probase/boottra.db -pf /home/probase/boottra.srv
All other processus ar displayed corectely with all parameters used by the processus exept all my 8.3.E processus.

Any ideas ?
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Re: Need Help for analyse processus

Hello to France
Yes I ran into this kindi of situation .And to be honest I landed up in rebooting the server .
You can try following
1)Try with other user ID if you can see the complete list of ps -eaf
For ever user login there is limitation for number of process
2)change the max_jobs entry in the file /var/adm/cron/queuedefs
this file current has only 25 max jobs but the max_jobs can be
set to 8*maxuser + 20
maxusers value can be obtained by following command

# sysconfig -q proc | grep maxuser

Check if you have latest patch kit installed
Ralf Puchner
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Re: Need Help for analyse processus

open a case in your local HP support center and request the following patch for v5.1a+bl23.

PatchID: Tru64 UNIX V5.1A C 1333.00

Problem occurs after installing patchkit #5 for 5.1A.

Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
Ralf Puchner
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Re: Need Help for analyse processus

btw, why not using your original thread on
to follow on problem?
Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
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Re: Need Help for analyse processus

Ok, I've got the Patch.
Thanks a lot to Arnaud and Ralf.