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Need help in upgrading SLES 10 SP4 to SLES11 SP4

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Need help in upgrading SLES 10 SP4 to SLES11 SP4

Hi All,

I was given a task of upgrading SLES 10 SP4 VM's to SLES 11 SP4 to ensure they stayed supported. Going through the SUSE documentation i understood that this can be done using SLES 11 Sp4 boot media directly. i have following questions to before proceeding with the upgrade:

1. What are the filesystem space requirements for a successful upgrade? How much space should i have in / or /opt or /boot

2. What packages or files will be updated as part of upgrade process

3. Will the upgrade process break any applications that were running on the server (i beleive no but want to confirm)

4. Backout procedure ( i am thinking to keep a copy of the vmdk file which comes as a rescue in case i have to revert to SLES 10 Sp4)

If anyone has already implemented this, please suggest the best pracitses as well.