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Need to download Quality Pack Bundle for HPUX Integrity

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Need to download Quality Pack Bundle for HPUX Integrity

Could someone please direct me where download HPUX Quality Pack Bundles?

I have a full HPUX account and have worked with HPUX but I am still having problems.

Most of the problems are with the website and it be so very unrepsonsive.  I have a full SAID and Contract - I have been working with HPUX and have a ticket but it is beocme very much like pulling a tooth and finding it is the wrong one.

Any help is wlecome and very much need.  In today's cilmate of keeping system secure this is my top prioirty.


The partiuclar QPK I am trying to get is - QPK1131_B.11.31.1709.431.depot

I can download individuals patch from this link below - but I cannot find or get to QPKs even with an HP techs help --


Thanks so much, Lee 


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Re: Need to download Quality Pack Bundle for HPUX Integrity

The redesigned HPE Support Center is very difficult to navigate for patches.
Bookmark this location to get started with patches:

Then at the bottom left, you'll see:

Find standard patch bundles
Locate standard patch bundles and patch aggregate kits.


The HP-UX link will take you to the patch bundles by release date. Click on the date and it will expand to show items like QPK, Feature and HWE (hardware enablement). Older patch sets usually have these 3 bundles but the recent (last 4-5 years) have just the QPK (Quality Pack) set. I'm guessing that Feature and HWE have been rolled into QPK.