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Need to find multipath

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Need to find multipath

Hi Team,


 I have small doubt, in hp-ux 11.11, rp7420 with veritas environment.

How to find a mutipath for disk avialabilty, "ioscan -m dsf ; vgdisplay -v " commands are not working.

please suggest some one how to find the multipath of disk or alternative disks avialability.



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Patrick Wallek
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Re: Need to find multipath

"ioscan -m dsf" will work ONLY on HP-UX 11.31/11iv3.


A 'vgdisplay -v' will show you if you have PVLINKs for your disks.  However, if you need true multipathing on 11.11 you will have to use some 3rd part product like EMC Powerpath.

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Re: Need to find multipath

There are not really commands to find this out - please tell more about your environment.


If you know for example you have a DS21x0 with 2 cables attached or a MSA30MI with 4 cables attached, you can confirm by a couple of commands that you have multipath.


If you don't know for sure what you really have (e.g. 2 DS21x0 with single cable vs. a single DS21x0 with dual cable) it is hard to tell.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Need to find multipath

if he is running Vertias Volume Manager (the full licensed version) he is probably talking about Veritas DMP (dynamic multi-pathing).


I dont know much about it, but I did find an admin guide that may help:


Chapter 3 (page 105 of the PDF) starts the DMP topic.




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